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Hello. Test post.


Blogger saisbulletin said...

I'll report your work tomorrow!
The Semiotics of t-shirt! :)
Wee. Wish me luck sir!

3:10 AM  
Blogger lfreboton said...

Dear Dr. Bautista,

Good evening. I am Lora Reboton of Pru Life UK.

I am writing because I have long been wanting to invite you to write for Pru Life UK, in a column that we sponsor in the Business Mirror called Planet English. It comes out every Monday on the front page of the newspaper, and features articles from various authors who write about their views, experiences, even love affair with the English language. There are also some who give instructional lessons in writing.

The objective of this project is to reawaken in the Filipinos the need to maintain our competitive advantage through our proficiency in English. Pru Life UK, being an English company deemed it natural for us to take on this social responsibility. And hopefully, at the right time, we will be able to expand this into something more meaningful that will directly benefit the youth.

That is why, sir, we aspire for esteemed writers like yourself to contribute to our column. Currently, we are blessed to work with Jarius Bondoc, Barbara Gonzalez, Danton Remoto, Jose Wendell Capili, and Louie Agnir-Paraan. We have had contributions too from Mr. Teddy Boy Locsin and Dean Ophelia Dimalanta. And soon, Messrs. Butch Dalisay and Krip Yuson will be writing for us too.

I truly hope that I will be able to interest you to join us. I will be glad to discuss Planet English, and Pru Life UK with you further, if you will allow me to visit you at your most convenient time.

I will wait for your response. You may reach me through Lora.reboton@prulifeuk.com.ph, or lfreboton@yahoo.com; or cellphone number 0917-3293259, and telephone 814-8330.

Thank you very much and more power.

Yours truly,

Lora Reboton

8:38 AM  
Blogger Jhon said...

i was browsing the pages of the panaroma one sunday until i come up to the last story of its page. seems that every line has a life of its own, it had awaken my sleeping mind and even brought me to somewhere where reading every phrase is like breathing fresh air.
i have always admire you since then. youre poetry is just like eating a delicious chocolate cake,.. youll never want to give it up until its all done. :)

11:16 PM  

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